ADF Certificate for PURe sustainability – TUBEX GmbH and PURe ink systems AG

26 January 2023

TUBEX has been awarded a Certificate from the ADF (Aerosol & Dispensing Forum) in the Concept of the Year category at Paris Packaging Week 2023. The prototype of the Less-is-More aerosol can was decorated with PURe’s natural inks and the new development of PURe’s overvarnish completes TUBEX’s sustainable concept. The jury highlighted the holistic sustainability strategy of TUBEX, supported by PURe.

The overvarnish as well as the printing inks for the award-winning can were developed by PURe in collaboration with TUBEX, the innovation and quality leader for aerosol cans.

“For this mineral oil-free varnish, we only use renewable raw materials that are also used in the food or cosmetics industry. The PURe overvarnish is solvent-free and non-flammable. Since all components of the varnish are easily biodegradable, it does not have to be disposed of separately and, of course, all our inks and varnishes are hazard-label-free,” says Dr Artur Eisele-Kohler, Head of Development, PURe ink systems AG, in his ADF presentation at Paris Packaging Week 2023.

For TUBEX, sustainability in aerosol cans does not stop at the use of recycled aluminium. By combining natural inks and biodegradable overvarnish on an aluminium monobloc can with 60% real PCR®, TUBEX produces the most sustainable aerosol can in the world.

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