PURe in practice
impresses sustainably.

RECUP goes up!

RECUP is an innovative, Germany-wide returnable deposit system for coffee to go cups. RECUP offers an uncomplicated, attractive, and at the same time sustainable alternative to disposable cups – for less waste, more good coffee, and above all for the environment.

The start-up’s sustainability commitment affects all aspects of print marketing:

“We are passionate about what we do because we care about the world and our fellow human beings. The same is true for postcards, advertising flyers, and table displays that we print for ourselves and our partners in the catering trade. Because we are handling food, it is especially important to us that our print products, too, mean no harm for people or the environment and save resources.”

Why PURe®?

“We believe, acting sustainably means being mindful when it comes to our natural resources. For our commitment, we were awarded the European Reusable Award in 2021. With RECUP, we help save gigantic amounts of resources and avoid tons of waste. That’s why it was clear to us from the start that we would only work with a printing house that actually lived the idea of sustainability. PURe printing inks are made almost exclusively from renewable, biodegradable raw materials and produce high-quality print products that can also be easily returned to the recycling loop thanks to their good deinkability.

We have a responsibility to minimise the negative impact of our consumption on future generations. With our business idea and our commitment to the environment, we prove that we can make a difference.”

The founders of the Munich start-up, Fabian Eckert and Florian Pachaly, with the European Reusable Award

RECUP acts sustainably, saves resources and avoids tons of waste

The Melitta Group takes on responsibility.

With its 2020 annual report, the Melitta Group is setting a strong example for sustainable communication. The constructive cooperation of the design agency klee.steinberger and the environmental printing house deVega resulted in a truly perfect ecological masterpiece.

Sustainability does not mean sacrifice:

This is the strong belief not only of Claudia Klee and Vit Steinberger, but also of the employees at deVega. The Melitta Group’s annual report stands as a perfect example for this approach. It was designed and produced ecologically regarding all of its components: from the choice of paper to the saving of printing plates due to two-colour printing
to the thread-knot binding made of cotton threads as well as the laser-cut finishing.

“We knew that we could only create a truly sustainable product if we found a printing house that understood sustainable production in a holistic sense, had the necessary infrastructure, and also used renewable energy. It was also important to us that the printing company had experience with recycled paper, systematically used sustainable inks, and was open to new ways and solutions,” Claudia Klee and Vit Steinberger explain.

PURe® brings colours to life:

For deVega, a truly sustainable print production is based on the use of natural printing inks. “PURe® achieves brilliant results, especially on paper with an uncoated surface. The motifs appear almost three-dimensional. And these new, odourless inks also serve the growing demand for a pleasant smell of print products,” says Till Srownal, operations manager and partner of deVega Medien. The Melitta Group’s annual report perfectly demonstrates that a sustainable production inspires entirely new, creative ideas

Joint Impact – the Melitta Group Annual Report 2020

PURe inspirations

Be inspired by outstanding print projects from our customers:

Paris Views 2023 – Unique moments captured with PURe®

Burger Druck has realised a Paris calendar for 2023 in collaboration with Joerg Schaarschmidt Publishing as a tribute to classic black-and-white photography of the 20th century.

The stylish wall calendar in limited edition shows that the city of love is not only one of the most beautiful metropolises in the world in colour. Especially in black and white, the centre of art, fashion, gastronomy and culture with its numerous facets, its magnificent architecture and its countless sights comes into its own perfectly.

Let the 12 fascinating large-format photos, printed in top quality with the natural PURe ink system, delight you month after month.

Burger Druck GmbH in Waldkirch in Breisgau sees itself as a printing and inspiration partner for high-quality print communication. Together with its customers, Burger Druck develops extraordinary products that arouse emotions and cause a stir. In conventional offset and digital printing processes, excellent print products are manufactured efficiently and cost-optimised on almost all materials and in all print runs, finishing included.


PURe partnerships
pursue common objectives.

The advantages of PURe® benefit all participants in the value chain up to the consumer. That is why it is important to us to bring PURe users into contact with each other. In particular, we would like to invite printers’ customers such as advertising agencies, brand owners and publishers to get to know PURe® first-hand on-site.

PURe printers

These printers, among others, profitably apply PURe®:

Commercial printing

Commercial printing waterless

Aerosol can printing

Print service provider

PURe partners

Our inks are produced by Epple Druckfarben AG in Neusaess near Augsburg. Epple stands for unique perfection in every detail. Since 1870, Epple represents permanent development and highest quality standards. As a leading manufacturer of offset inks, Epple has demonstrated its power of innovation by its early development of mineral-oil free eco series and special ink types for long wash-up intervals in perfecting printing. This also shows in the field of inks for food packaging. Sustainability and flexibility are top priorities at the medium-sized family company.


Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) and PURe have agreed on a Europe-wide cooperation in order to make offset printing more sustainable. Heidelberg offers its customers the PURe ink system as well as an individual implementation and transition service for the application of PURe inks. Heidelberg is a reliable and highly innovative partner to the global printing industry and has been synonymous with quality and future viability for more than 170 years. The core business of the company is oriented toward the needs of its customers in the target markets of packaging and advertising printing.