100 % free from everything that is not pure

We believe nature creates the most brilliant colours and printing ink is only perfect when it dispenses with all additives that are potentially harmful for humans and the environment. This is why we have developed a completely new and natural ink system for offset printing without any additives.

Unlike other printing inks, the PURe formula is free from metal driers, antioxidants, and microplastics. Furthermore, with our novel inks, you can create print products without any unpleasant odour.

Welcome to PURe® – the printing ink with a purity guarantee.

Michael Berz
Michael Berz
PURe purity guarantee

To create vibrant and colourful print products, using potentially toxic and harmful additives, such as manganese salts or anti-skinning agents, was unavoidable until now. Those substances are even added to the most advanced eco-inks to make them easy to work with and have them dry and harden quickly.

However, to meet the highest standards of ecological and health safety, such additives must be completely removed from any printing ink. We at PURe® wanted to exclude all hazardous substances and create a permanently hazard-­label-free ink system without odour emission.

Therefore, we developed a completely new drying and film-forming system that allows using only renewable raw materials without chemical modification and excluding any substances that are harmful for environment and health.

In 2020, we succeeded in the industrial application of this patented system. Our patent is the basis for the PURe purity guarantee: PURe® does not emit any odour and the formula is 100% free from metal driers, antioxidants, and microplastics.

PURe® is the ink system of the future for everyone who produces or uses print products.

You want to produce your print products more sustainably?

The future is PURe

PURe purity
because less is more.

UV curing printing inks printing inks containing mineral oil vegetable-oil-based eco printing inks PURe®

Colour agent

Organic pigments  *

Binding systems (varnishes)

Acrylated polyester



Epoxy compounds

Alkyd resins

Modified rosin resins


Low molecular weight acrylates


Mineral oil fractions

Ox. drying oils (odour emission)

Additives and system components


Metal driers


Waxes (PE/PP/‌Micro­plastics)

Chemically modified additives

Levelling agents

Use of non-renewable raw materials

Substances with potentially negative effects on humans and environment

* A PURe ink system with inorganic/mineral pigments that allows substituting organic pigments is available on request.

PURe purity at a glance

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