The PURe Ink System

PURe is a totally new ink system for sheetfed offset printing.

PURe is the purest and most sustainable ink system you can use today.

PURe inks abstain

  • from toxic substances for the protection of employees and consumers,
  • from fossil carbons for the protection of the atmosphere
  • and from soy, coconut and palm oil for the protection of tropical rain forests.

The Properties and Advantages of PURe …

… in Production


  • Sustainable raw materials
  • Eco energy or compensation certificates


  • Protection of rain forests
  • Low CO₂ emission

… in Printing


  • Odourless
  • Fast drying of ink


  • Health of employees, no protective clothing
  • No energy-intensive dryers
  • Fast finishing

… at the Consumer


  • Free of odour and solvents


  • Health
  • Sensory perception

… in Recycling


  • Highest deinkability up to 100%


  • Significant increase in recycling quota of papers

With the development of the new PURe ink system we managed to achieve sustainability in the complete print life cycle, and a good energy balance.

Important Properties of PURe Inks

  • Products printed with PURe are completely odour-free.
  • The excellent PURe quality results in strong, brilliant and vivid colours.
  • PURe has a high abrasion resistance.
  • PURe is free of labelling, proving the environmentally-friendly and health-protecting character of the ink.
  • The fast and resource-saving use of the ink saves the printer time and money.
  • PURe inks are highly deinkable.

Technologically, PURe is a new, third and unique ink technology.

  • PURe is mineral oil free.
  • The binding agents are completely based on renewable resources, without any further chemical modifications and syntheses.
  • We do not use palm, coconut and soy oils which are the main reasons for deforestation of rain forests.
  • We do completely without toxic ingredients such as photo initiators, metal dryers (cobalt etc.) and other metal soaps.
  • The ink film originates from the absorption of fluid components and a chemical reaction on the substrate. Due to its fast drying, jobs can be finished substantially faster and more efficient.

PURe comprises the complete colour palette including metallic inks and varnishes.

Advantages of PURe over other ink systems

PURe unites the advantages of radiation-curing offset inks (fast drying) and conventional mineral-oil free offset inks (sustainability). Moreover, it sets a new benchmark in the use of sustainable raw materials in offset inks.


Besides the printing inks, the PURe ink system contains a range of additives:

PURe Fount — Fountain Solution

PURe Clean — Cleaning Agent

PURe Protect — Roller Protection Oil

PURe Wash — Washing Agent

PURe Rinse — Rinsing Concentrate

PURe Decalc — Roller Softening Agent

PURe RollerClean — Roller Cleaning Paste

PURe Dilute — Diluting Agent


PURe is Cradle-to-Cradle Platinum certified.

The Paper-Technical Foundation (Papiertechnische Stiftung, PTS) has certified the complete deinkability according to INGEDE Method 11. Score values of up to 100% range in the top class.

PURe has won First Place in the Responsible Care state competition of the Association of the Chemical Industry in Bavaria.

PURe was awarded the 2nd Place in the Responsible Care national competition of the Association of the Chemical Industry in Germany.