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PURe® is fundamentally different from any other ink system for commercial and packaging printing and is setting new standards in terms of ecology, health, quality, simplicity, and innovation.

The complete elimination of ingredients that are hazardous to health and environment guarantees safe print products with a wide range of applications.

Thanks to its purity, PURe® can even be used in food packaging printing and is therefore always the right choice. PURe® turns print media into a multi-sensory experience: look and feel, brilliance, vibrancy, and odourlessness inspire in all dimensions.

Carl Epple

Dr. Carl Epple

PURe ink technology
shines in 5 dimensions.


The PURe formula meets the criteria of
all major eco-labels and has received a
at the Platinum level.*

mineral oil
cobalt, manganese
fossil carbon**
genetically modified organisms
heavy metals**
soy, palm and coconut oils
synthetic resins
* C2C Certified Material Health Certificate™ is a trademark of the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute.

** binding agents

PURe ecology
meets the highest demands.


We strive for minimal negative environmental and social impacts in the production of raw materials for our printing inks.

Environmentally friendly

Using only environmentally friendly and GMO-free raw materials means to especially avoid soy oil, which is widely used in eco-inks. In this way, PURe® helps prevent the deforestation of tropical rainforests for irrigation-intensive plantations, which is common in soy oil production, and preserve biodiversity. We also avoid micro­plastics to protect the environment and ecosystems.


All PURe binding agents are based entirely on renewable raw materials that are not cultivated in monocultures. The base materials of the resins used in our inks are natural substances without chemical modification.

Almost completely deinkable

PURe® is well deinkable* even on critical substrates and thereby significantly increases the recyclability of print products. PURe® thus makes an important contribution to the circular economy.

* deinkability score according to INGEDE method 11

The PURe purity guarantee: Pure® does not emit any odour, the formula is 100% free from metal driers, antioxidants and, from 2022 on, even from microplastics.

PURe health
makes no compromises.

Free from metal driers and photoinitiators

PURe® is free from potentially toxic metal driers and photoinitiators and therefore is not hazardous to health.

Odourless, food-safe

PURe® is odourless. For the printer as well as the end user and reader of print products, this means that also potential headaches can be avoided. Due to its ­purity, PURe® is even suitable for food packaging.

Protects employees

A novel drying mechanism has been developed for PURe®. Our inks require no drying agents and therefore contain no heavy metals. This protects the employees in the printing houses.

Protects consumers

PURe® does not contain mineral oil, microplastics, toxic ingredients, or genetically modified organisms. Because of this, PURe® protects against health damages, especially when used in contact-intensive print products such as children’s books and food packaging.

Exceeds legal standards

With its unparalleled pure composition, PURe® by far exceeds the legal requirements for printing inks.

PURe quality
indulges the senses.

Brilliant colour effect

The excellent PURe print quality equals the brilliance of UV inks − for print products that inspire, convince, and sell.

Fascinating aesthetics

The exceptional vibrancy of PURe inks enhances the look and feel of every print product. PURe coatings and PURe metallic inks, which do not require hazard labelling, also create iridescent or glossy effects.

High plasticity

With PURe®, a three-dimensional effect can be achieved, especially on uncoated substrates.

No odour emissions

Media printed with PURe inks are free of unpleasant odours. Therefore, PURe® is perfectly suited for usage in the food and cosmetics sectors.

Keep it simple and smart – with PURe®.

PURe simplicity
speeds up processes.

Versatile use

The PURe ink system can be used without ink change for both commercial and food packaging printing. PURe® does not emit unpleasant odours during the drying process and is therefore suitable for all paper grades. With PURe®, you can also print on aluminium and sheet metal.

Always safe

Since the PURe formula does not contain any substances that are hazardous to environment or health, PURe® does not require any hazard labelling.

Improved workflow

The unique drying properties of PURe® shorten downtimes during further processing and thus also decrease delivery times.

Inspiring variety

Thanks to its outstanding colour and process qualities, the PURe ink system opens a wide range of design possibilities. It is a source of inspiration for printers, brand owners, and advertising agencies.

PURe innovation
creates prospects.

New ink technology

PURe® is a novel ink system, setting new standards for printing inks by using primarily environmentally friendly raw materials to create print products of the highest quality.

Purest ink system

PURe® dispenses with unsustainable raw materials and ingredients that are potentially harmful to humans or nature to an extent that is unparalleled in the market.

Technically outstanding

PURe printing inks are not limited to conventional offset printing, but also show their strengths in waterless offset printing. Further developments like printing on aerosol cans are already in use.

Dries quickly

Thanks to its novel drying system, PURe® achieves the short drying times of radiation-curing offset inks, but without the energy-intensive drying process. PURe® dries generally much faster than oil-based inks, so that printed products can be further processed after very short downtimes.