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Climate change is a powerful warning to us that protecting the environment is not a luxury, but a bare necessity to preserve the basis of our existence. This realisation permeates all aspects of life and changes not only consumer behaviour, but basically our entire economy. Crises challenge the status quo, yet at the same time create new opportunities. It is time to show your true colours.


of consumers are changing their purchasing decisions based on the social or environmental impact of their purchase.

To secure future prospects and generate targeted sales impulses, brand owners and publishers must take on responsibility and enhance their product range with environmental awareness. The combination of excellent print results and a responsible use of resources will have a positive impact on the purchasing decisions of potential customers. PURe® offers solutions.

Especially target groups with high purchasing power pay more and more attention to the sustainability of products. This awareness also greatly affects the acceptance of a product’s packaging. The winners of this development will be those packaging producers who manufacture strictly environmentally friendly. PURe® promotes sustainability.


of companies say that their commitment to sustainability leads to increased customer loyalty, and 63% confirm that it increases their sales.

To save resources, as much paper as possible must be returned to the circular economy. In 2020, the European-wide recycling rate was 73.9 %*. This rate can be increased with printing inks that are easier to deink. PURe® takes on responsibility.

You want to find out how you can act more responsibly?

Publishers and parents know very well that storybooks are devoured by children. Sometimes quite literally. It is reassuring to know that the printing inks used are natural and harmless for our health. PURe® means safety.


of Germans consider a sustainable lifestyle as key to good health.


of consumers in Germany would generally pay more if a product were proven not to harm the environment.

Creative agencies often break new ground by developing ideas that touch and inspire customers. New technologies push the boundaries of thought and action, allowing for inspirational, innovative, and environmentally sensible concepts. PURe® inspires new thinking.