Who We Are

The PURe group is a spin-off of Epple Druckfarben AG, with the goal of combining the experience and competence of Epple with the speed and flexibility of a start-up company. According to the motto “the nature of ink” its goal is to serve the European printing industry with the purest ink in the market.

The establishment of PURe ink systems AG and the sales and service company PURe inks Europe GmbH in Augsburg are the consequent further development on the systematic PURe way for natural printing inks. Besides printing companies, advertising agencies, brand owners and publishing houses are integrated in the marketing process of PURe.


Dr. Carl Epple

Michael Berz

Member of the Supervisory Board of PURe ink systems AG and Member of the Executive Board of Epple Druckfarben AG, responsible for Development and Innovation

Why did you develop the completely new ink system?

We offer an ink system following the spirit of our times and future law-making. Users, brand owners, publishers and designers for the first time have the opportunity to contribute their personal share to save resources and conserve the environment. This is sustainability in its direct sense.

Massive environmental damage through printing ink is not a focus topic outside the printing industry. Should and will it gain political and social relevance?

I notice an overall interest to question even niche industries. When we know that the book or brochure that we hold in our hands is printed with natural, non-toxic ink, this quickly becomes a very personal topic. Its social relevance can be felt today, and political consequences are already following.


Michael Berz

Michael Berz

CEO of PURe ink systems AG

Good resolutions can be phrased easily. Example eco-papers: The problem was that they did not look good. How do you react to the suspicion that it could be the same with PURe?

For others, the impression that ecological action goes along with constraints in quality and visual appearance may be true. For our printing ink PURe that cannot be detected – on the contrary, with PURe you achieve brilliant, powerful printing qualities!

For the public, there is the rule of thumb: Eco is expensive! Do printers, designers or brand owners have to pay a high price for ecological printing with PURe?

In the finished print product, ink prices have a share of less than 5%. Paper, personnel and production costs have always been more important. Also, for UV inks higher prices were accepted with regard to prompt drying. Ecological advantages and its label-freedom as a protection for printers and consumers speak a clear language for PURe.